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I firstly have to apologise for not posting sooner, I’ve been meaning to get something up for a few weeks now. Secondly, the reason why… I’ve sadly decided to retire this blog. My game has run into a multitude of issues which make it really difficult to run. I’ve now tried every known fix for crashes, with varying degrees of success, but at the end of the day, it’s getting incredibly frustrating.

I hate the idea of killing the blog before it finishes and only (just barely) three generations in, but as disappointed as I am, given the limitations, it was becoming more frustrating than fun. I wanted to thank everyone who visited regularly, you guys made this such a fun experience. Everyone likes to think someone out there is listening and for you guys to read and comment made all the difference!

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And now… I’ll leave you with a collection of some of my favourite pics from my time with the Flames… some are oldies but goodies, and others didn’t make the cut in the final blog. There were also some funny observations I made during the making of this blog I thought I’d share…

  • Averett really did ‘decide’ to leave Ellen halfway through the first generation… he rolled the want as part of a mid-life crisis… the tricky part was getting them back together… in all honestly… I cheated. Ellen well and truly hated him after they separated and nothing but Creator-intervention was going to mend that bond…
  • Everything adorable Strider did was 100% authentic… including announcing his love of horses, which he did often to whoever would listen. When the Flame’s eventually bought a horse, the first thing he did was socialise with it… and the topic of how much he loved horses did come up… interesting side note, Strider hated fleas and dogs…
  • Using Twallan’s Whoohooer mod, I was able to gauge how much characters found their spouses attractive… Avarice and Fae scored a ‘0’, announcing that they didn’t find each other the least bit attractive…
  • When I wasn’t using them Robyn and Fenton took it upon themselves to date almost every eligible sim in Dragon Valley. Keeping them on track was difficult…
  • The alien girl, Orla was completely unplanned. I had no idea Rett was pregnant… he’d always had washboard abs (perhaps from his toiling in the dirt all day), but I assumed the new gut was just down to middle-age spread… when he had her, I couldn’t bring myself to send her off into space…
  • Rett often hit on Fae… a creepy, unstoppable amount… not surprisingly, Ellen never really took a liking to Fae… all the Flame boys actually befriended Fae on their own, and I toyed with the idea of an affair when one of Avarice’s brother’s came of age… but I figured those two had endured enough…
  • Lord Arnett is indeed a werewolf, as is William… I had hoped the story would progress that elvin blood would strengthen their wolf lines… hence their interest in Clodagh…
  • In actual gameplay, Clodagh aged up and decided she wasn’t all that keen on William… she completely went off him and wouldn’t accept any romantic interactions with him, even with her needs met and their relationship relatively high… again, Creator-intervention…

Anywho, I leave you now with some pickies!

Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to read a post or two, comment, follow or add me to your blog roll.

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Chapter Twelve – Revealed


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Lord Arnett sat poised over his chess board. It was his move, and he took his time planning it. He knew if he wasn’t careful, and gave away his true intentions too quickly, that his opponent would anticipate his next move and spoil his chances.


He finally moved a rook, and waited for his nephew to make his move.


“I think you may have upset Clodagh” William told his uncle.

“You should be concentrating on your next move” he replied.

“I can think of two things at once” William said.

“But you can’t devote as much thought to one as the other” Arnett said as he took one of his nephew’s pawns.


“Your move” Arnett said.

“If you want her to feel welcome here, you may need to start showing her-”

“What? Hospitality? I’ve shown her that in spades” Arnett said.

“-I was going to say ‘kindness'” William replied.


“She means a lot to me uncle”

“As she should, it is of the upmost importance that Clodagh agrees to join our family and accept you as her husband”

“Sometimes I think you forget that the driving force behind my courting her is the fact that I have true feelings for her” William said.

“Be that as it may, but my decision to support this match, given she is of low birth and stands to inherit nothing, is that her elvin blood would strengthen our line for generations to come, and as she is the only elf we’ve been able to find, that is the only reason you have my support”


Lord Arnett fixed his cold, hardened eyes on his nephew, judging to see whether or not he understood. William knocked over his king angrily, and stormed off from the table.

“I would have had you in three more moves!” Arnett called out smugly.


The next morning, Clodagh rose early to fix her room and eat quickly before making her way home. No doubt her parents were worried at her absence.

“Good morning Clodagh” it was William.

“Good morning William” Clodagh replied, and smiled, in spite of herself.


“I was hoping you may like to take a walk with me this morning” William suggested.

“William, I must be getting home, my parents were already expecting me last night, delaying my return will only worry them further”

“I know, and I didn’t want you to worry, so I sent word to them via courier this morning” William replied.


“I explained how late the hour grew last night, and that we felt it was safer for you to remain here, so you needn’t worry, they’ll expect you later today”.

Clodagh thought on this, she did enjoy her time with William, and he had been very attentive, and so she agreed to take a short walk.


The pair strolled in the woods next to Wolf Hall. Clodagh noted how beautiful the day was. The air was slightly crisp, but a warm breeze blew through the trees, their leaves rustling quietly. A song bird or two sang, as they strolled together through the old oak trees.

“This is my favourite place” William told Clodagh. Clodagh could see why.

“It’s lovely Will”


William stopped just ahead of her, and seemed to take a deep breath.

“What’s wrong?” Clodagh asked.


William turned to Clodagh and chuckled. “Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong”


“I’m glad to hear it” Clodagh smiled.

“You are so beautiful” William said quietly, almost to himself.

“Thank you” Clodagh blushed, not expecting the compliment.


“You mean a great deal to me Clodagh” William said as he stroked her cheek. Watching her smile, as a slight breeze blew strands of her auburn hair around her soft face.


“They’re are things you don’t know about me” William admitted.


At this, Clodagh’s eyes widened. “What kinds of things?” She asked.


“Oh!” William laughed, “nothing too alarming I assure you!” He finished. But Clodagh could see he’d lost his nerve. Whatever he’d been about to tell her, he’d seemed to change his mind.

“One thing I suppose you should know, is we don’t have to live at Wolf Hall if you’d prefer not to?”

“Live at Wolf Hall?” Clodagh asked, stunned, she hadn’t ever thought about this before.

“Yes, we can make our home anywhere you wish, and I’d be happy. I suppose what I’m trying to say, terribly, I admit, is…”


“Clodagh Loel Flame, would you do me the very great honour, of being my wife?” William asked.


Clodagh stood with her mouth agape. Of course she and William were intended, and one day she knew he’d get done on bended knee, but she did not think that day would be today. After enduring an awkward meal with the insufferable Lord Arnett, and walking the cold, and cheerless corridors of Wolf Hall, the fantasy life she’d often dreamt of with Will seemed very different now.

“Will… I…”


“…I will, of course I will!” Nonetheless, Clodagh loved William more than she knew how to describe. They’d bonded as children, and grown as companions. Creepy, old uncles and tasteless manors be damned, she’d have her man.



Note from the author: I’m very sorry for the late post! Real life gets in the way sometimes. It has given me time to think about the format and longevity of this legacy family though. Whilst I’d really like to carry on in the legacy format, the stories I’m developing for my characters will take too long to go through whilst progressing through the generations. So I may look to change the format to more of a story-based blog than an actual legacy.

Thanks for your patience so far, and for reading! You guys are great, and definitely give me a reason to keep going.


Chapter Eleven – Hidden


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Clodagh sat and watched the night through the trees. She’d just finished a cup of tea, brought to her by Lord Arnett’s maid, Susie. She was restless, and could hardly bring herself to sleep. Whilst the offer to stay the night had been put to her as a mere suggestion, she couldn’t help but feel she had little choice in the matter.


She sighed out loud. “Well, it had to be too good to be true, did it not?” She asked herself. A wealthy, handsome noble had taken an interest in her, it seemed only fitting he’d have some ludicrous secret. It appeared that secret was an eccentric uncle who, at the mere thought of him, could make Clodagh’s skin crawl.


A loud wrap sounded on the door. Considering the hour, Clodagh was surprised someone would come calling. “Come in” she called.


William entered through the large, wooden doors.

“Clodagh, I apologise. I realise the hour is late” William began.

“That’s fine” Clodagh replied bluntly. She barely concealed her frustration, and longed for William to leave her be.


“My love…” William said softly, this caught Clodagh’s attention. “I know you aren’t happy with me, you hide your disposition terribly” he chuckled. “You must learn to hide your feelings a little better, if you’re to truly pass as a noblewoman” William said.


“You think I care whether or not I pass for a lady to your uncle? I am a lady, my family was enobled some time ago, and I care not if my behaviour shows this or not”

“I don’t doubt it” William smiled. He always seemed happiest when Clodagh was confrontational.

“What do you want William?” Clodagh asked.

“Simply to apologise if my uncle put you ill at ease and to wish you a proper goodnight”

“No, you mistake me, I’m asking what you want from me?” Clodagh replied.


“I would’ve thought that was obvious” William smirked.


“I thought it was too, at first, but now I wonder” Clodagh began. “I’m recently titled, I was not a lady at birth. My family has means but they do not come close to rivalling what you stand to inherit. I’m not a notable woman of Dragon Valley. Your uncle must be somewhat disappointed with your choice” Clodagh finished.


The smirk left William’s face. “Could I not ask the same of you? I’m an orphan, who, until my uncle passes, has not a penny to my name, nor an estate. I have nothing but a title and a family name, yet, no family” William finished.

Clodagh closed her eyes, and let out a sigh.


“I never cared that you didn’t know your parents Will, all I ever cared about was that you were you, and that you loved me” Clodagh chocked on her last words.


Will slowly leaned in, only a look of tenderness remained on his face. He pressed his lips to Clodagh’s.

“You are all I care for Clodagh. I do not care what my uncle does or does not see in you. You will be my wife” William said.


The two embraced, and if nothing else, Clodagh at least felt like William was on her side.


From outside, Lord Arnett watched the two embrace from the garden below. He was pleased that Will had been able to calm her.


It was imperative that the two maintained their bond, as Joseph had already invested too much time in this half-elf to give up and find another.

Chapter Ten – Peace


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Faye sat under the shade of a great oak tree in the grounds of her uncle’s estate. It had become her favourite spot. The birds sang sweetly around her, the breeze caressed her face, the sound of the pond by her feet gave her such a sense of peace. It was hard to admit, but despite missing Avarice dearly, she loved being here with her family.


She sat and listened to the birds. The days were getting easier, her family had stopped asking her where to find her father, they all treated her fairly, with the exception of Robyn, and her young aunt Llewyelln, seemed to care about her deeply.


Faye stood and stretched her legs, holding her expanding belly. She didn’t know how much longer it would be until she gave birth to her child. Llewellyn had said she knew if it was a boy or a girl, part of the Gaelwyn gift apparently. Faye had asked her not to say, as she wanted to keep it a surprise, and find out when Avarice did. She missed Avarice, and hoped he would be here for the birth.


“There is no sense in keeping her here any longer Fenton, she clearly does not know where Fagan is, or is unwilling to say” Agoth said.

“I agree, it is not I who would have her stay, Robyn is sure she knows where Fagan is” replied Fenton, as watched on.

“I would have her stay too, although admittedly for selfish reasons, I enjoy Faye and she seems happy here. Her baby too would be happy here I think” Llewellyn said.

“That is not for us to decide ” Agoth said.

Llewellyn turned to leave, she hated the thought of Faye leaving, and thought a dip in the baths would help to calm her nerves.


“Perhaps we should ask her husband here?” Agoth suggested.

“To what purpose?” Fenton asked.


“We could have him see that his wife is alright, and have Faye make her own decision then, stay, or leave with him”


“You would ask a human here?” Fenton asked tersely.

“He is half elf, as is Faye, so I do not have a problem with it. Do you?” Agoth raised an eyebrow.

“No” Fenton said simply, though Agoth could tell he wasn’t pleased.


Llewellyn waded in the deep bath within the atrium of her brother’s home. She knew it was Faye’s decision whether or not she returned, but surely she was happy here? Surely she didn’t want to leave?


She was so deep in thought, she did not notice Faye step in and swim up to her.

“My word Faye! You startled me!”

Faye laughed, “I’m sorry Llew” Faye apologised. “You seemed to be lost in your own head” Faye said as she smiled.

“I suppose I was. Faye?” Llewellyn asked.


“You’re happy here aren’t you?”

“I am, very, though I wish Avarice was here too”

Llewellyn turned from Faye, she knew if Avarice came here he would convince Faye to leave.


Robyn sat in her stone-walled office in a basement room long forgotten in Agoth’s house. She awaited her brother who she knew had been speaking with Agoth.


“Well?” Robyn asked her brother.

“Agoth plans on bringing Avarice here to be with Faye?”


“Because they plan to let her return to him”

“WHAT? Without her having told us where her criminal father is?”

“Apparently. Agoth feels Faye either doesn’t know or won’t say”

“Of course she won’t say, she’s protecting him, the fool!”


“Why do you yell at me sister? I am not the one making these decisions, I have done all you have asked, even against my better judgement”


Robyn let out a weary sigh. “Yes, I know. I am sorry brother, please don’t feel my anger is directed towards you” Robyn said sweetly.


Robyn smiled faintly. “Let Mr Flame come here to collect his wife, after all, he may know where Fagan McClain is, and he has no reason to be so devoted to keeping that secret…”

“But what reason does he have to divulge it?”

“Oh I can think of two very important reasons” Robyn said darkly, whilst maintaining her small, sweet smile.


Faye watched on one beautiful morning, as Robyn’s horse Syrena drank in her garden.


Faye loved to watch the horse, she was so elegant and graceful, she reminded her of Wilhelmina, her brother-in-law’s horse back home. Than that familiar pang of longing hit Faye’s stomach as she thought of home.


She wanted to be with her husband more than anything, but this wonderful place made her feel incredible. She woke rested each morning, with a feeling of peace and calm flowing through her, the sound of birdsong relaxed her every muscle, and the kindness bestowed upon her by her aunt and uncle made her feel as though she truly belonged, after all this time of never really having her own home.


She approached Syrena and fed her a carrot. “Good girl” she whispered.


Whatever Avarice had been expecting to see when he gazed upon his wife for the first time in months, this was not it.


He thought she’d be bound in shackles, upset, in shock. Here she was, tenderly stroking the nose of a horse, looking radiant… and happy.

“Faye” he said.


“Avarice!” Faye called as she looked up from the horse. She immediately ran to her husband and crashed into his arms.

“You’re here! I can’t believe it!” She said, as tears started to stream down her face.

“I am. I am so glad to have you back in my arms” Avarice wept.


They broke apart reluctantly, and Avarice noticed his wife’s form.

“Faye, you’ve gotten so big!” He called.

Faye chuckled, “it is what happens” she said, clasping her stomach.

“Are you alright” Avarice asked worriedly as he seemed to search his wife’s face for any sign of pain.

“I am” she started, “truly, my family have taken very good care of me”


Avarice sneered. “Yes, remind me to thank them for that” he said sarcastically.

“Avarice please, my cousin, or… sister, rather…” although Faye hated to think of Robyn that way, “…she brought me here against my will, but my aunt and uncle had nothing to do with it”


“Your uncle, Agoth, he is the one who invited me here”


“I had no idea you were coming, but this is perfect” Faye exclaimed.

“What do you mean?” Avarice asked.

“Now we can be together, in this wonderful place, as a family!”


“Faye…” Avarice began gently, “we cannot stay here, this is not our home”


“Of course we can, we’ll be so happy here, our baby will be happy here”


“Ah” Faye flinched before Avarice had time to respond, and winced in pain.

“Faye, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“The baby…” Faye began, “I think it’s coming!”


Faye gripped her belly, and started to breath heavily.

“I need help!” Avarice called.


The birth was long and arduous. Faye slept deeply after her little girl was born.


Faye had lost a lot of blood, and was deathly pale. Both Agoth and Llewellyn convinced Avarice to let her stay whilst she was in this condition, as the healing air of Hidden Hollow would help her to recover.


In the meantime, Llewellyn had put together a nursery for her young great-niece.


Inside an antique crib, rested little Cathryn Ellen Rein.

Chapter Nine – Missing


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Avarice hadn’t slept properly in days. He kept watch outside of the family’s home each night waiting for Faye. They had reported her missing of course, and Avarice had been to visit the ‘cousins’ she had mentioned, but they were nowhere to be found. He wasn’t sure if Faye had willingly gone with them or not, or even if they had anything to do with it at all.


He instructed Eragon to look for her each night, but Eragon was small, he could only search Dragon Valley and it’s surrounds. Avarice was getting frustrated that no clues had surfaced and his worry increased with each passing day.


Eragon could sense his worry, and the little dragon pushed his body to the limits each night, hoping to find his master’s missing wife. So far, he had had no luck.


Each time the little dragon came back with no answers, it broke Avarice’s heart.


His family was obviously worried. “Avarice, it’s near freezing, how long have you been out here?” Galahad asked.

“Not long” Avarice lied.

“Come on, get some rest, you look exhausted. You’re not doing Faye any favours by wearing yourself down like this” Galahad reasoned.

Avarice said nothing.

“Rest, or you may never find her”

“Don’t say that!” Avarice snapped, then his face fell, “I’m sorry brother, it’s just-”

“No, don’t apologise, you’re tired. Why don’t you get some sleep and I’ll keep watch until morning?” Galahad offered.

“Alright, thank you” Avarice said.


Avarice went back into the great hall, and worriedly peered outside.


He didn’t know where his wife was, or if his unborn baby was safe. It had been weeks and he felt he had failed in his duties as a husband. He wondered about Faye’s father Fagan, was he responsible? They had sent an invitation to him inviting him to the wedding, as a show of good faith, but he had never responded. Faye had even told Avarice that she wrote her father to tell him of the news they were expecting, and still nothing. Was he upset? Had he taken Faye as punishment?


Avarice’s fear was compounded by the thought that he was totally powerless. What could he do?


Clodagh peered up at the massive manor that was known as ‘Wolfe Hall’. The reclusive bachelor, Lord Joseph Arnett lived inside with his nephew, and her love, Sir William Colvin.


At that moment, a great dog came rushing down the manor’s stairs, straight for Clodagh.

“My! Aren’t you a beautiful boy?” She said nervously, hoping to soothe the animal.


The dog continued to stare at Clodagh, his upper lip revealing a row of impressive teeth.


“Rhonan!” A booming voice called from the stairs. “Leave poor Miss Flame alone!”

The dog obediently turned and made his leave.


“Clodagh” William said it the way one might whisper their favourite indulgence. “I am so glad you could join my uncle and I for dinner”

“As am I” Clodagh replied.


“I apologise for Rhonan” William chuckled, “once he warms to you, there’s no dog more loyal”


“No need to apologise, I’m fine with most animals”


“I’m very glad to hear that!” William replied enthusiastically.

“Oh? And why is that?” Clodagh asked.

“Simply because I too, love animals, particularly dogs. Now, would you care to meet my uncle?”

“Very much so”


William took Clodagh inside the huge manor, where they met Lord Arnett.

“Ah, you must be Clodagh? I have heard many lovely things about you” he said.


“I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance” Clodagh replied politely.


“Oh there’s no need for formality here, you’re practically family!”

This made William smile.


“Why thank you, I must say, you have a beautiful home” Clodagh replied.

“And I must say William, you have a very charming suitor” Lord Arnett said to William. This made Clodagh blush.

“I couldn’t agree more” William smiled.


“The manor though-” Lord Arnett said “this place has been in the family for many generations. It will one day pass to young William here”


“Clodagh has just met your other charge, Rhonan” William interjected.

“Oh I am sorry about him! Rather over-zealous isn’t he?”

“No, no it’s fine, really. I was just telling Will- I beg your pardon, Mr Colvin, that I love animals”

“Oh splendid! William and I particularly love hounds, Rhonan is of exceptional breeding. Now, shall we dine?”

“Good idea” William replied.


Dinner was a delicious home-baked, mince meat pie. “This is delicious” Clodagh said.

“Thank you my dear, our cook, Susie prepared it.”


“So Clodagh, please tell me a little bit more about yourself?” Lord Arnett asked.

“Well, I live in a manor, though one much smaller than this one” Clodagh laughed, embarrassed. “The Flame Manor, out in Oak Grove, Dragon Valley” she finished.

“Ah yes, your father is a farmer is he not?”

“He is sir, however my eldest brother manages the farm now, mostly”

“And your mother, she is a chemist is she not?”

Clodagh found it odd that Lord Arnett knew of her mother. Some locals did of course because they procured goods from her directly, but outside of Dragon Valley? Perhaps William had told him. Although she and William didn’t really speak of her mother’s profession much either, considering she was a married woman with a job, it wasn’t fitting.

“She is” Clodagh said simply.

“And an elf” William added helpfully.


“Ah, an elf!” Cried Lord Arnett, taking Clodagh quite by surprise. “Do you know, that there are old legends which claim that elvin blood can strengthen the lines of…” Lord Arnett trailed off, “…well, of some breeds of humans.


The mood in the room grew tense, and Clodagh started to feel uneasy. She didn’t want to be rude, but she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to stay either…

“If you excuse me, the hour is late, and I must retire” Clodagh said.


“Such a shame!” Exclaimed Lord Arnett, “but of course, we mustn’t keep you. However given the hour, it’s much too late to return home. Please, William will show you to one of the guest rooms” Lord Arnett offered.


Clodagh looked over at William, hoping he’d be supportive of escorting her home instead, surely he could tell how uncomfortable she was?

“I’d be happy to, follow me Clodagh”


Clodagh didn’t wish to make a fuss, but she couldn’t help the sinking feeling within her stomach. Something about Lord Arnett made her feel instantly uneasy, and she didn’t fancy the idea of spending an entire evening in his home, even with William near by.